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   In the summer of 1963, several dog owners from Boulder met to discuss the possibility of organizing a kennel club in the Boulder area for the purpose of promoting purebred dogs.  After numerous meetings and discussions, the Flatirons Kennel Club, Inc. was formed as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of Colorado on July 1, 1963.


   The corporate charter for the organization provides that it is the purpose of the Club to encourage responsible breeding and ownership of purebred dogs, to stimulate interest in all dog owners to train and show their dogs, and in general to act to promote the interests of dog fanciers in the Boulder area. All persons over 18 years of age who own or are interested in purebred dogs are eligible for membership in the Club. Membership has grown over the past 39 years, and includes several who are approved judges and professional handlers. There are 47 recognized breeds represented in the Club, encompassing all seven groups.  Since the organization of the Club, the members and officers have been actively engaged in fulfilling the purpose for which the club was organized. The Club has also presented programs demonstrating purebred dogs and the benefit of obedience training to the public, and service and school programs.

   In September of 1994, we began sponsoring an Educational Program about Responsible Pet Ownership.  This program goes to local elementary schools and teaches:  1) Responsible Pet Ownership -comprehensive examples and discussion of pet care and training  to prevent careless handling, abandonment or unnecessary eithanization of pets, 2) Children's Safety Around Pets - to prevent harmful encounters between children and pets, loose or stray animals; 3) Respect for Others - increases self-esteem as children learn to care for a living creature, giving and receiving unconditional love.  These programs are creatively presented with a team of canine "actors" demonstrating each part of the program.  Obedience and tricks are included . . . and the best evaluation is the delightful letters and drawings received from the children.


   Flatirons Kennel Club, Inc held its first American Kennel Club licensed point show and Obedience Trial on September 14, 1969, at the University of Coloradoís Brackett Field, with over 1,000 dogs entered.  The club now sponsors two all breed dog shows and  obedience trials each year with entries running close to 2,000 entries per show.  These shows are held in the Spring at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont. In addition,  the club has added an obedience and Rally trial in September, an agility trial in November and holds a sanctioned match the first Sunday in February at the Boulder County Fairgrounds.


We also work for the writing, legislation and enforcement of any new dog laws in the city, county and state. This has become one of the most important things that we try to get involved with. We feel that responsible dog ownership is a vital concern of all dog owners, now and in the future.


   For over 39 years a newsletter was been published monthly for all club members and was also available to non-members by subscription. The Flatirons Press contained meeting notices, articles by club members, a show calendar, show and match results of members and their dogs, and the latest news about the American Kennel Club and purebred dogs in general.  Special features were included each month to keep readers up to date on veterinary reports, management and training techniques, and local and national animal legislation.   Now this information is available on line at the FKC website.


      The club has donated money from the shows to the Boulder County Fairgrounds for updating their equipment and grounds, Longmont Humane Society, Freedom Service Dogs Inc., and Dogs for the Blind, paying for the full training for the sponsored dogs over the years.


   Flatirons Kennel Club, Inc. meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Boulder County Fairgrounds.  Programs covering a wide variety of subjects devoted to purebred dogs are presented.  An annual picnic is held in July for the voting and installation of new officers and presentation of special awards.  The summer picnic and a December potluck are always fun social activities. 

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